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Puppy Playa

Playa Poncho

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$25.00 USD
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$30.00 USD
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$25.00 USD
Color Scheme

You will receive a surprise color scheme🧚🏽💫

Our ponchos are handcrafted with 100% recycled materials. You may specify what type of color pattern you would like ☺️🎨 
💛Gender Neutral Color Patterns:
Fun color combinations like rasta, rainbow, or neon

💜Feminine Color Patterns:
Soft solid colors or lighter tone combinations with pink, red, purple or pastel

💙Masculine Color Patterns:
Bold solid colors or darker tone combinations with blue, red, black, brown, green or gray

*1-5 day order processing

DM us on Instagram @puppy.playa for color requests 🐾🤙🏽

Pro tip: When in doubt, it is best to size up.