3 reasons why your dog needs a sweater

3 reasons why your dog needs a sweater

Yes, dogs look amazing in ponchos. But that isn't the only reason you should consider getting your bf a sweater.

Here are 3 reasons why your dog might need a sweater:

  1. Your dog is short haired. Regardless of breed or size, some dogs (especially those that originate from warm climates) require extra help to stay warm during the winter. Even bigger dogs with short hair like Greyhounds will benefit from a extra clothing. Dogs with dense fur like Huskys are well protected from the cold and may not require additional clothing.
  2. Your dog is a puppy, senior or has a special medical condition. These type of dogs may experience greater difficulty while trying to retain body heat, in which case a puppy sweater is a great idea.
  3.  Your dog is exposed to weather under 45 degrees. When temperatures begin to fall below 45°F, some cold-averse breeds will get uncomfortable and need extra protection. Consider your dog's age, breed, hair length and density as well as medical condition (dog size is irrelevant). When you return indoors remember to take their sweater off.

Not all dogs require additional clothing especially if:

  1. It makes your dog uncomfortable: Some dogs have a difficult time wearing apparel and that's okay, you shouldn't force it on your dog.
  2. Your dog has a thick coat. If your dog's breed originates from a colder region, odds are it is already equipped to handle lower temperatures. Putting on extra clothing may cause it to overheat.


Always consult a vet and use your best judgment on whether or not to put a coat on your dog.


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