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Dog Hat - Trucker Hat For Pets

Dog Hat - Trucker Hat For Pets

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This is a head turning special San Diego hat we've developed for you and your pup to match!

PupLid Dog Hat Benefits and Features: 

  • Head-turning style for your pup while protecting their eyes from the sun
  • The hat your dog will actually want to wear
  • Easy to put on and fits comfortably around the ears due to its patented design
  • Effective protection for dogs with eye conditions like pannus and iris atrophy
  • Made from the same materials as the highest quality human trucker hats
  • Veterinarian Approved

Use the  sizing chart (listed in pictures of product) to find the right size for your pup - designed to stay on the most active dogs!

Confidence in your PupLid hat size choice is very important. We have created the following tips and size guides to help you determine the perfect hat for your dog. If your dog is right in between sizes, we recommend selecting the larger size. Keep in mind, there are several built in features to help give your dog the perfect fit.

  • For Head Width, look at your dog's head from above, and use a straight ruler to measure the width of your dog's head from side to side like the diagram below. Don't include the ears or the fur if your dog is fluffy.
  • For Neck Size, use a tape measure to measure around the neck just behind the ears. Regardless of neck size, if the elastic bands are too snug for your dog, do not use the puplid

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